New Mexico is highest in the nation in use of alcohol before age 13…

This website is about how alcohol affects young people currently and into their future. It includes video, marketing tools and information by youth for youth about this issue.

Additionally it includes video, scripts and a curriculum guide from our documentary “Smashed” that examines brain research about binge drinking during adolescence, how the brain is affected by alcohol assault, the effect of alcohol on athletic performance and how advertising influences decisions about alcohol consumption.

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Student Created Videos

Atrisco Heritage Academy HS 
Diane Thomas, Teacher (Martha, Jeorge, Vanessa, Rudy and Michael)


Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
Diane Thomas, Teacher (Oscar, Sam, Eric, Jaden and Alex)

Student Created Posters


Binge drinking comes with a consequence
Don't be Drunk Blinded, be Safety Minded!